If every man was good like you

daddy love

If every man was good like you
So many hearts would still be whole
The fairy tales would all come true
And love would energize our souls

Nothing would event harm a child
We would be free from suffering and pain
Our freedom could run wild
And people stop to listen to the rain

The world would be a better place
A place of kindness and embrace
Somewhere we feel we can belong
A world that’s delicate yet strong

Where love and honesty would thrive
And every compliment was true
The world would love to feel alive
If every man was good like you

Dedicated to my best friend, husband and father of my son

Love to Learn

Every single person on this planet had a different upbringing which makes them unique and invaluable. Their different walk of life has equipped them with an arsenal of their own experiences that the rest of us can benefit from. Whether we learn from their mistakes or successes we become that much more knowledgeable. Learning from each other is a skill that can bring us enlightenment, understanding and acceptance of others. College graduates and doctors are not the only ones who can offer wisdom, not that their hard work should be overlooked. You may have a lot to learn from an economist about how the economy works but you may learn a whole lot about compassion from the night shift cleaning lady. There is just no limit on what we can learn when we open our eyes and mind to the knowledge we encounter everyday. Don’t let your ego stop you from learning from a fellow pier or someone younger than you. My son teaches me new things everyday, not with his years of experience but through his innocence, his hopefulness and an abundant amount of love and compassion.

Moral of the story: learning is not just done in school, it is everywhere around us and continues throughout our life span. Be open to it and embrace it.

Why I do not believe in equality


Because we are not created equal. Some are stronger than others. Some are richer than others. Some can bear children while others cannot. Some have connections that allow them to get away with murder, while others spend years behind bars for victimless crimes. Some are fortunate to be born to a life full of abundance and opportunities while others struggle to see another day. While the list of our inequalities can go on and on, it is important to note that just because we are not equal; it does not mean we cannot get along.  Just because we are different; it does not mean we cannot be one.   Just because we are separated by circumstances, it does not mean we cannot connect.

Let us consider the human body as an example. The human body is functional due to a complex collaboration of various organs.  Each organ is different in size, texture, shape and color, each one of them functions differently in order to serve its own purpose.  Are they equal?  No.  Some play a huge role in the body’s survival while others play a smaller supportive role, yet non-the less, the supporting organs are a vital part of a functioning body.  While the organs are different in their own right; the body cannot survive without each and every one.

Much like the human body, each one of us has its own purpose in the world and like the organs we can help support one another.  The strong can lift the weak, the rich can help the poor, and the wise can teach the inquisitive.  However, for this to effectively work it must come from the heart.  We cannot enforce this behavior with laws; we cannot guarantee it by force.  This will only lead to resentment and animosity.  Good actions are always voluntary, they are never coerced and since every child is born with a good heart, every one of them has the potential to never learn hate.

So instead of striving to be equal, let’s strive to respect one another.  Let’s build a foundation of understanding of our own unique strengths and learn to love and respect one another for what we are as well as for what we are not. I may not believe in equality but I wholeheartedly believe in the power of unity and humanity.

Love, Peace and Unity

Dreaming of a better life

Sometimes it feels like life is not enough
Sometimes the going gets to be too tough
At times I force myself to fake a smile
Feels like I’ve lived like this for quite a while

I walk around feeling confused
My thoughts distorted and misused
My body’s tired from the stress
Of never ending quest for my success

I am exhausted from this rat race
Let’s take a breather and slow down our pace
Remember life without technology?
I think we owe our privacy a big apology

I pray for days of peace and quiet
Instead I witness them get angry and then riot
The public tends to like commotion
While kindness seems to be a silly notion

I see nothing but sadness on the news
They might as well pick up an instrument and sing the blues
Because the truth may seem too hard to bear
Now that I think of it, to call it truth, is that really fair ?

The government is too consumed with passing laws
That they forget that treating symptoms doesn’t cure the cause
We need to shift the focus from the bailout plans
And put the future of our kids into our own hands

So many of us are obsessed with greed
Determined to fulfill our every want and every need
Maybe…just maybe we shouldn’t take a loan
To be the first to purchase the new version of the iPhone

It cannot hurt to take a few steps back
To days when human interactions were intact
To times when romance started with a look
Instead of friend requesting me on facebook

What if we focus on the better things in life
Forget the anger, animosity and strife
What if we foster positivity and let it bloom
Perhaps we’ll see our future filled with hope instead of gloom

Peace, Love and Unity


For my little boy


A touch of sunlight in your hair
Your ever playful smile
The silence lingers in the air
Let’s stay here for a while

Let’s talk about the sun
And everything that grows
I’ll tell you how it all began
First time I touched your little toes

Let’s talk about the oceans
The vast beauty down below
A world that’s in slow motion
Where creatures thrive in moonlight glow

Let’s talk about the sand
Down to its tiny grains
And while I hold your little hand
So much of joy remains

Let’s talk about the rain
And it’s amazing power
In giving life it holds the reign
A nature’s cleansing shower

Let’s talk about the moon
A satellite in all its glory
And how you’ll grow up soon
In time you’ll write your story

Let’s talk about the sky
And all the possibilities
How fast the days fly by
And how you master your abilities

Let’s talk about the snow
And everything that glistens
I’ll hold you till you say let go
I’ll be the one who listens

Let’s talk about the rivers
And their importance to the earth
How this world is full of givers
And how you’ve flourished since your birth

I will accept you for everything you are
The good, the strange the awesome
No matter near or far
I’m here to watch you blossom

Love, mama